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WTF Vandy?

Our bracket of the most WTF moments in Vanderbilt sports.

WTF Vandy? Finals: The Hettening vs. Eddie Fogler Walks

This is it. The two most WTF? moments, as determined by voters.

WTF Vandy? Final Four: Eddie Fogler Walks vs. JEFF GREEN TRAVELED

Ah, a walk versus a travel, look how that worked out.

WTF Vandy? Final Four: MFD Forgets the Score vs. The Hettening

And now, I make you choose.

WTF Vandy? Quarterfinals: (1) JEFF GREEN TRAVELED vs. (2) Earl Bennett Gets Flagged

Ah, the mid-2000s WTF.

WTF Vandy? Quarterfinals: (1) Eddie Fogler Walks vs. (2) The Football Stadium

The two biggest administrative failures square off.

WTF Vandy? Quarterfinal: (5) 37-7 vs. Temple vs. (6) UNLV, 2019

Oh look, two Derek Mason losses.

WTF Vandy? Quarterfinals: (4) MFD Forgets the Score vs. (3) Karl Dorrell

Yep, we’re down to the final eight.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (2) Earl Bennett Gets Flagged vs. (3) MTSU Blocks a Kick

In retrospect, the 2005 season was, well...

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (1) JEFF GREEN TRAVELED vs. (4) Murray State

Two NCAA Tournament buzzer-beaters. You know which one to pick.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (2) The Football Stadium vs. (3) Ron Mercer

An aging football stadium not getting replaced, or admissions denying one of the top prospects in the country?

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (1) Eddie Fogler Walks vs. (4) Derek Mason’s Contract Extension

Ah, these two juxtaposed next to one another.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (7) Wichita State, 2016 vs. (6) UNLV, 2019

A miserable loss in the NCAA Tournament, up against a miserable loss in a miserable season.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (1) 65-0 vs. Tennessee vs. (5) 37-7 vs. Temple

The Het Wettening, versus The Het Wettening, only against THEM.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (2) “Anchor Down” on the Nameplates vs. (3) Karl Dorrell

Ah, the 2014 football season.

WTF Vandy? Round 2: (1) Woody Calls a Fake vs. (4) MFD Forgets the Score

This oughta be fun.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (3) 13 MTSU Blocks a Kick vs. (6) Summer 2013

And we have arrived at the last matchup of the first round.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (4) 2010 Murray State vs. (5) 2007 Georgia

A buzzer-beater, and a game-winning field goal as time expired.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (1) JEFF GREEN TRAVELED vs. (9) 2006 Arkansas

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Don’t lie.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (3) Ron Mercer vs. (6) Robbie Caldwell

Ah yeah, let’s get ready to trash the admissions office.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (2) The Football Stadium vs. (7) Malcolm Turner

Oh yeah, we’re talking football stadium today.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (4) Derek Mason’s Contract Extension vs. (5) Rod Dowhower Hired

Well, this should be fun.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (1) Eddie Fogler Walks vs. (9) R.A. Dickey Denied

On one side, a wrongheaded decision. On the other... the administrative ur-failure.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (3) Siena, 2008 vs. (6) UNLV, 2019

A blowout loss in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, or a blowout loss to a bad team in a lost season? You pick.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (2) Senior Night vs. Arkansas, 2019 vs. (7) Wichita State, 2016

One: a miserable end to a miserable season; the other: a miserable end to a disappointing season.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (4) 59-0 vs. Alabama vs. (5) The Het Wettening

Ah yes. That game. And that game.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (1) 65-0 vs. Tennessee vs. (9) Jay Cutler vs. The Blue Phone

The loss that ended the DiNardo era, vs. Jay Cutler fighting a phone.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (3) Karl Dorrell vs. (6) David Price in the 10th Inning

On one end: Derek Mason’s first questionable offensive coordinator hire. On the other: a rare Tim Corbin call that went poorly.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: (2) “Anchor Down” On the Nameplates vs. (7) Stephen Rivers, Starting QB

Ah, the 2014 football season makes its first appearance.

WTF Vandy? Round 1: MFD Forgets the Score vs. Ke’Shawn Vaughn’s Usage

On one end: an intentional foul in the closing seconds. On the other: a criminally underused player.

WTF Vandy? First Round: Woody’s Fake Punt vs. IFKY

Kevin Stallings’ darkest moment runs into the 1-seed.

WTF Vandy? Play-In Round: Turd Ferguson vs. 2006 Arkansas

A million-dollar arm with, uh, control issues vs. Tom’s introductory experience to Vanderbilt football.

WTF Vandy? Play-In Round: Woody’s Last Stand vs. The Blue Phone Incident

In today’s matchup: Woody takes it on the chin, or his quarterback recruit has an embarrassing loss.