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Vanderbilt Commodores at Purdue Boilermakers 2019

Preview and postgame content for the Purdue game.

Penalty-plagued Vanderbilt can’t overcome Purdue

Vanderbilt drops to 0-2 with a 42-24 loss to the Boilermakers.

Game 2: Commodores at Boilermakers

Let’s win this one.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Week 2 Georgia

There goes an undefeated season...

Saturday Predictions: Vanderbilt at Purdue

Our writers attempt to predict Vanderbilt’s Week 2 game at Purdue.

Better know a Big Ten opponent: the Purdue Boilermakers

Deep inside Ross-Ade Stadium is the festering pile of bones Purdue Pete calls home.

Q&A with Hammer and Rails

The most important question: why the hell is Indiana in the Eastern Time Zone?

Beer Goggles: Purdue

It might feel like a brawny stout kind of game, but it’s more a West Coast IPA.

Opponent Defense Preview: Purdue

They gave up 34 points to Nevada, how good can they be?

Press Conference/Depth Chart: Purdue

Well, we’ve named a starting punter, at least.

Opponent Offense Preview: Purdue

The Boilermakers offense can really get chugging along