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Vanderbilt Commodores 2020 Football Season

Content about the 2020 football season.

Lessons in SEC Football: Covid Craziness

Halftime reading time!

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: South Carolina

Add another loss to the streak...

Vanderbilt-Missouri officially rescheduled for December 12

The Commodores will not be playing on October 24.

Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina: Postgame Highlights

Spoiler: there weren’t many.

Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina: Postgame Press Conference

So, it sounds like there might not be a game next week.

Initial Thoughts: South Carolina 41, Vanderbilt 7

I’m lazy and I’m gonna check the Het-O-Meter.

Game 3: Gamecocks at Commodores


Saturday Tailgate: South Carolina

After talking about fried chicken all week... well, we play a bunch of chickens.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: LSU

Night class part deux

Saturday Predictions: South Carolina at Vanderbilt

Death rabbits? Death rabbits.

Q&A with Garnet and Black Attack

Game Penises.

Vanderbilt 2020 Football Mail Bag #3: Answers to Your Questions

Letters... we get letters... we get sacks and sacks of letters...

Opponent Defense Preview: South Carolina

The Gamecocks have allowed 6.3 yards per play through two games.

Opponent Offense Preview: South Carolina

South Carolina has produced some NFL quality talent on the offensive side of the ball, but this crew is pretty light on name recognition.

Depth Chart: South Carolina

Uh, well, this isn’t terribly helpful.

Vanderbilt opens as 12-point underdog vs. South Carolina

South Carolina, 0-2 on the season, is still favored by almost two touchdowns.

The Statistical: LSU

Through two games, Vanderbilt’s offense has had nine scoring opportunities and scored 17 points.

Initial Thoughts: LSU

Sitting through that second half was like going to the dentist.

Game 2: Tigers at Commodores

Have fun, expect to win.

Saturday Predictions: LSU at Vanderbilt

Are our writers any more confident in Vanderbilt after last Saturday’s performance?

Q&A with And the Valley Shook


Opponent Defense Preview: LSU

The Tigers return just three starters — two of whom didn’t play in the season opener.

Derek Mason’s Press Conference: LSU

He has a lot of respect for Ed Orgeron.

Opponent Offense Preview: LSU

I would never accuse a Mike Leach team of playing defense, but LSU can still put up some points

Depth Chart: LSU

Still a lot of "or" designations this week, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

South Carolina game set for 11 AM kickoff

But of course.

Was Vanderbilt’s performance on Saturday a reason to adjust expectations?

Thoughts on a surprisingly close game.

The Statistical: Texas A&M

This looks similar to the last time Vanderbilt had a true freshman QB with the initials KS.

Vanderbilt comes up short at Texas A&M, 17-12

But we have a quarterback!

Game 1: Commodores at Aggies

Woohoo! Football!

Saturday Tailgate: Texas A&M

Note: tailgate banned because of COVID precautions.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Preseason

Despite the urges to chronicle my efforts to ungunk the sunshine pump, this team deserves the more analytical approach. Even if it hurts sometimes.