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Vanderbilt Commodores 2020 Football Season

Content about the 2020 football season.

Saturday Predictions: THEM at Vanderbilt

I hate those guys.

Tennessee game officially rescheduled for December 12

The SEC also made the December 19 game against Georgia official.

Vanderbilt at Georgia postponed

The SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic tweeted that tomorrow’s game is off.

Vanderbilt Football Coaching Search Profile: Jamey Chadwell


Thoughts on the end of the Derek Mason era

Missouri probably saved Mason’s job in 2015 and ended it in 2020.

Postgame Press Conference: Missouri

Welp, it’s about the "Jimmies and Joes."

Missouri 41, Vanderbilt 0: Right, let’s not talk about the game itself

Sarah Fuller squib-kicked the opening kickoff of the second half and... well, that’s it for the highlights.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Florida

We all hate it when the teacher hands grades back late, but at least I am giving feedback late instead of not at all.

Game 8: Commodores at Tigers

The WoodyBowl!

Saturday Predictions: Vanderbilt at Missouri

Rivalry week!

Dimitri Moore enters transfer portal

Moore was Vanderbilt’s fourth-leading tackler.

Vanderbilt vs Tennessee Game Rescheduled

The SEC is scrambling with the number of games needing to be postponed due to COVID reaching a critical mass.

Vanderbilt to play at Missouri on Saturday

Wait. What?

Highlights from Vanderbilt’s 38-17 loss to Florida

Chris Pierce grabbed the invincible star on a touchdown catch in this one.

Postgame Press Conference: Florida

Derek Mason addresses the media following Vanderbilt’s 38-17 loss to Florida.

Vanderbilt drops to 0-7 with 38-17 loss to Florida

Hey, this one was... sorta competitive!

Game 7: Gators at Commodores

Hey, a football game!

Florida game moved to ABC

Yeah, what we really wanted was a wider audience for this.

I Don’t Know What I Expected

0-6 is 0-6, but 0-6 in Year 7 isn’t 0-6 in Year 1.

Game 6: Commodores at Wildcats

Have fun, expect to win.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Mississippi State

The only thing not turned over in this game was a new leaf for Derek Mason.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Ole Miss

Hopefully, the outcome is much different at Mississippi State than it was hosting the University of Mississippi.

Derek Mason’s Press Conference: Mississippi State

Oh, hey, straight from the source.

The Statistical: Ole Miss

I can see positives... on one side of the ball.

Postgame Press Conference: Ole Miss

So, about that penalty...

Vanderbilt gets embarrassed by Ole Miss, 54-21

Not every day that you can give up 409 yards... in the first half.

Vanderbilt gets the dumbest penalty imaginable

Vanderbilt had two players wearing the same jersey number on the same play, because of course we did.

Game 4: Rebels at Commodores

The school that can’t decide on a mascot.

Lessons in Vanderbilt Football: Bye Week Special

The first 3 games have given us a small chance to learn about where Vanderbilt’s football program stands.

Saturday Predictions: Ole Miss

Hey! An actual football game!

Depth Chart: Ole Miss

The Commodores will be without their backup quarterback and their punter.

Vanderbilt opens as 18-point underdog vs. Ole Miss

I suppose at this point we should be asking whether this game will even get played.