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The 2018-19 Basketball Season

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Vanderbilt is now 0-17 in the SEC.

Game 29: Commodores at Aggies

It’s almost over.

Game 28: Gators at Commodores

Please make the losing stop.

Game 27: Commodores at Crimson Tide

Let’s not make it fifteen straight.

Tennessee out-uglies Vanderbilt, 58-46

Vanderbilt held Tennessee to a season low in points. And, um, lost by 12.

Game 26: Commodores at Volunteers

Do we have to do this?

Game 25: Tigers at Commodores

Make the losing stop.

Game 24: Commodores at Gators

Is a win too much to ask?

It’s bad, but it’s not hopeless

Some weird roster flaws need to be addressed, though.

Vanderbilt loses eleventh straight

This is not a school record you wanted to be a part of.

Game 23: Crimson Tide at Commodores

Can we finally win a game?

Vanderbilt plays hard, loses anyway

Not like this is a new thing.

Game 22: Commodores at Razorbacks

Oh right, this place.

There is no way this winter is ever going to end.

Fittingly, on Groundhog Day, Vanderbilt lost its ninth in a row.

Game 21: Commodores at Tigers

We will be DEEP in the cold cold ground...

Everything is bad. Nothing is good.

Vanderbilt loses to Kentucky by a score of 87-52.

Game 20: Wildcats at Commodores

Please win.

Game 19: Commodores at Sooners

Do we end the losing streak today?

Why are we doing this again?

It’s Big 12/SEC Challenge time oh my God who the hell cares

Another game, another late fade

Vanderbilt couldn’t close, again. The refs didn’t help, but this still should have been a win.

Vanderbilt gets robbed by refs, loses to Tennessee 88-83

Seriously, that was horrendous.

Game 18: Volunteers at Commodores

I hate those guys.

When you’re playing for pride

At this point, it’s all about pride and next year.

Vanderbilt vs. Number 1

The Commodores are 8-18 all time against top-ranked opponents.

The Blame Game

Seriously... who is to blame for the current state of affairs?

Ice-cold start dooms Vanderbilt in 71-55 loss to Mississippi State

This is the kind of game that drives us to drink.

Game 17: Bulldogs at Commodores

With the season frittering away, Vanderbilt has a shot at changing its course.

Vanderbilt pisses away second-half lead, loses to South Carolina 74-71

The Commodores are now 0-4 in the SEC.

Game 16: Gamecocks at Commodores

Just win.

Did we really just watch that?!

Not actually sure that qualifies as "basketball."

Game 15: Commodores at Wildcats

Oh, good. These guys.

Game 14: Commodores at Bulldogs

We could use a win here, guys.