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This is What South Carolina's "Cock Drill" Looks Like

Tuesday Tailgate: ESPN8 “The Ocho”

A discount tailgate on behalf of yet another ESPN blunder

AoG Predators SCF Anticipation Thread

Also a thread to curse the existence of the Penguins

Booze Fight! Volume 1: Gas Station Beers

It's a hot day, you're at the gas station, and you've got $6 in your pocket. Which macro beer do you pick; Hamm's, or Modelo Especial?

The Atari 5200 and the Death of a Video Game Giant

The Atari 5200 was supposed to be the next step forward for an early video game giant. Instead, the company tried to pretend it never existed, even after selling a million consoles. Three years later, they were $500m in debt.

Nice Beer Tuesdays: Wait, what?

Up until Tuesday, every AoG alcohol taste test has involved some sort of horse poison. To celebrate a season with two bye weeks, we decided to change things up and give some of America's finest high-ABV craft beers a try.

Schadenfreude Mondays: The King Can Taste Test IV

The bye week is #BoozeWeek. We drank poison so you don't have to. Then, we branded some proper insults for said poison. Join us for another installment of the King Can Taste Test.

The 2014 Vanderbilt Football Power Hour

Loud music? Light beer? Obsessive timekeeping? Power Hours ARE America. And today, Power Hours are VANDERBILT, too.

Schadenfreude Wednesdays: Know Your King Cans

Bye week is #Booze Week. Christian and Gumbercules return to review and discuss the best horse poison that you can buy..for $1.49. It's the King Can Taste Test, Part III; Icehouse, Steel Reserve, Twisted Tea, and more!

#BoozeWeek Anchors Aweight: Bomb Shots

It's bye week, which means you can spend your Saturday watching football and drinking heavily without having to worry about actually remembering any of it. Actually, given the events of the last seven weeks, this probably would have saved you a lot of misery come Sunday anyhow.

AA: Chocolate Braised Ribs and the Papa Doble

Drinking is an all day affair, so cooking may as well be too.

Featured Fanshot

Schadenfreude Fridays: Thanks, Deadspin.

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Anchors Aweight: The Huntsman and Shrub

No, this isn't a post about a tavern somewhere in Lincolnshire, though I would love to stumble across a pub called "The Huntsman and Shrub" and mingle with the locals. However, it is about a sandwich and cocktails that both have English roots.

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Anchors Aweight: Blintzes and Pear Margaritas

Dinard'oh has another entry in our "Anchors Aweight" series!

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Anchors Aweight, Vol. 3: Spicy Garlic Shrimp

There are three rules for tailgate food. It should be: Something that can be shared. Simple enough to cook after a few cocktails. Easy to eat, especially after said cocktails. With that in mind, we bring you spicy garlic shrimp.

Fantasy 5-on-5: Pick Your Best Vandy Team

Kevin Stallings has coached some Vanderbilt legends in his tenure at Memorial Gym. Today, you get the chance to bring them all together to create the best 5-on-5 team you can - but stipulations apply...

ESPN Unveils Vandy's Custom SEC Network Graphic

The SEC Network has distilled Vanderbilt into a simple 15 second animation. It's like that weird anthropomorphic ESPNU logo, only not as creepy and actually having something to do with the school.

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Will Terry's Guide to Man Stuff, Vol. 3: Bourbon

You live in Tennessee. Whether you cheer for the valiant black and gold or the creamsicle chuckle-bunch down the road, you should know your bourbon.

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Anchors Aweight: Vol 2 - Stuffed Buns

Vanderbilt fans should know how to cook in case their wait staff calls in sick. Today, lsmsrbls takes us through some tiny balls of heaven better known as stuffed buns. Delicious food is inside.

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Will Terry Teaches You Man Stuff: Grilling a Steak

Step one is to acquire a decent steak. This is shockingly difficult the first time, but extremely easy once you have a "guy". In DC, my guy was a large lesbian woman named Pam. She called me Tiny (note: I’m not tiny) and would literally hand me meat.

Anchors Aweight - Vol. 1: Calzones and You

It's high time we do our own cooking posts on AoG.

New Coke: Nearly Bad Enough to Destroy an Empire

Coca-Cola nearly caused an American uprising by changing its formula, then earned millions and millions of dollars by changing it back. People in the 80s clearly didn't have enough things to care about.

The AoG 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Everyone Gets JMatt!

Anchor of Gold's staff takes a crack at their own mock draft with the 2014 NFL Draft just hours away. For expert analysis (on whiskey-based beverages) and terrible picks, venture no further.

Schadenfreude Friday: McDonalds & the '84 Olympics

McDonald's loved American athletes so much that the company was willing to give away millions of dollars worth of food to support them in the 1984 Olympics. Of course, a Soviet boycott of those games certainly didn't help things.

Schadenfreude Fridays: The Worst Bar on Television

An extended look at the worst bar on television and Uncle Jesse's opus - the Smash Club. Let's delve into this dayglo nightmare of terrible music, horrible service, and a seemingly endless supply of poor decisions.

Schadenfreude Fridays: Michelob Beer

It's been around for more than a century, but no one under 35 drinks it. Behold, the latent crappiness of Michelob, a beer that was originally brewed for connoisseurs and now marketed to "Cool Dads" across America.

Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick'em Contest!

Think you know college football? Then sign up for a chance to prove that you're better than every other Commodore fan when it comes to picking the winners of this year's bowl lineup!

Business Suit Dave Goes Looking for UT's New Coach

An exclusive look at the 8-bit adventures of Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart and his adventures in finding the Volunteers' next head coach. SPOILER: Mike Gundy receives his own planet.

The AoG Interview with Earl Bennett

Deuce Brand just recently named Earl Bennett their Athlete of the Month and unveiled their new Agent Orange signature watch. We were able to rattle off a few questions to the SEC's all-time reception leader - here's what he had to say.

Site news: Taking a new role w/ NashvilleSportsHub

I'll be moving over to Nashville Sports Hub to cover Vanderbilt sports there, but I'll still be at Anchor of Gold in a diminished capacity. Don't worry though, I've got some cool stuff to do before I go.

Prepare Your Pants: Arrival of SB Nation United Is Imminent

SBNation App Updated -- Now With Improved Commenting

Several new and improved features!