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Vanderbilt football's strength and conditioning program pays dividends

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If Vanderbilt's offensive linemen can do this to cars, just imagine what they can do to defenders.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, CDA reported to you that Vanderbilt OL Cole Hardin was injured in a "moped accident." Terming this a "moped accident," however, denies the real truth of what happened.

The car got the worst of the encounter.

We have to say, the real winners in this are Vanderbilt football's strength and conditioning program and new offensive line coach Cameron Norcross.  The car simply learned what SEC defensive linemen are going to learn in the 2016 season: if you run full steam into a Vanderbilt offensive lineman, you are going to lose.

Because our offensive linemen can block a moving car and come away with only minor cuts and scrapes.  Good luck getting to Kyle Shurmur when those guys are blocking for him.