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A Call For Lunacy

Send us your ridiculous thoughts on the Vanderbilt schedule.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Anchor of Gold, we specialize not in lunacy, but a form of arrogant lunacy that eventually becomes our undoing.  Until recently, watching a football game generally stirred feelings not much different from that Cato the Younger must have felt after the Battle of Thapsus.  However, this is not about my feelings, we want to hear from you!

We hope to compose a collection of Vanderbilt fan's thoughts on individual games for the 2014 Season.  In order to do this, we want our readers to write a paragraph or two about how you feel Vanderbilt will preform in a game.  You can write a synopsis for one or all games we list below.  We will read all comments sent to us and put the top ones together for a sort of "fan preview" thread.  From the optimistic to the pessimistic, from the jocular to the morose, give us all you got!  Let your opinion be heard!

Please send us your thoughts on the following games:

  • vs Mississippi (LP Field)
  • vs UMASS
  • vs USC
  • @ Kentucky
  • @ Georgia
  • @ Missouri
  • vs Florida
  • @ Mississippi State
  • vs Tennessee

Send your thoughts to:

Also, please tell me if there's a way you want to be quoted.  For example, "Al from Dadeville" or your AoG username.

We look forward to hearing your comments!