It Was Glorious


VU Marketing with an absolute gem. A bit disappointed that it's only a brief 23 minutes.

In Depth: D'Jery Baptiste


Get to know future Commodore center D'Jery Baptiste.

ESPN Goes Inside Vanderbilt Football Practice with Derek Mason


There's not much of note - some tackling drills, lots of footwork exercises, and Oren Burks alligator-arming a pass - but it's nice to see the new coach at work. It won't be tough to distinguish his voice along the sidelines this fall, either. He even throws in a Hank Hill "I tell you hwut" towards the end!

Darreon Herring's 2013 Highlights


It's not often I get unsigned emails from random 404 phone numbers, but when they have a link to the next great Vanderbilt linebacker's best plays of 2013, they go up on the site. Soundtrack is NSFW.

Thank You, Seniors.


As is tradition, the seniors were carried off the field at their final practice.

CBS's Randy Cross Calls Vanderbilt the Under the Radar Team to Watch in the SEC


Randy Cross, who is just a quick trim away from being CBS's Barry Melrose, discusses the Commodores strengths in 2013. He doesn't seem to know much about the Vandy running game, but it's a nice sentiment nonetheless.

Jeffrey Taylor's Still Got It


In case you'd forgotten, Jeffrey Taylor can still do things that suggest that gravity doesn't quite know what to do with him. Before that, he takes on all five members of the Spurs Summer League team and leaves them all in his dust.