At long last, the Bookstore finally has the gangster pajama V hat for sale. Go now now now before they all sell out.

Vanderbilt OLine Included in Hooters NIL Deal


Six Vandy linemen are part of the 51 to sign a Hooters NIL deal. The six are Bradley Ashmore, Jake Ketschek, Gage Pitchford, Junior Uzebu, Julian Hernandez, and Gunnar Hansen.

Yaz and Curt: the power of the Vandystache in the Bay


Mustache May has come and gone, but the Vandystache - as always - gets results.



So, the whole University is adopting a new logo. Looks fine for the institution, but not as an athletics logo.

This Is Fine


Oh, so this is what we’re gonna do.

Joe Fisher finds sobriety after Vanderbilt: ‘You can’t keep this unless you give it away’


If you aren’t subscribed to the Athletic yet, this is why you ought to. Rexrode with the timeline about how Joe Fisher bottomed out and got it back together, along with some surprising admissions about how long he’d had a problem. I don’t know anyone in the VU sphere that doesn’t wish him well or hope to have him back in the mix someday.

Ten candidates to watch in Vanderbilt's WBB coaching search


I don't know enough about this to have too many strong opinions, so I'm gonna defer to Betsy Goodfriend at the Hustler.

30-35 percent of COVID-19-positive Big Ten athletes had myocarditis


During a State College Area school board of directors meeting on Monday night, Wayne Sebastianelli — Penn State’s director of athletic medicine — made some alarming comments about the link between COVID-19 and myocarditis, particularly in Big Ten athletes. Sebastianelli said that cardiac MRI scans revealed that approximately a third of Big Ten athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 appeared to have myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that can be fatal if left unchecked. "When we looked at our COVID-positive athletes, whether they were symptomatic or not, 30 to roughly 35 percent of their heart muscles (were) inflamed," Sebastianelli said. "And we really just don’t know what to do with it right now. It’s still very early in the infection. Some of that has led to the Pac-12 and the Big Ten’s decision to sort of put a hiatus on what’s happening."

SI: College football season likely to be cancelled this week


Oh good. Well, shitposting, goofy movie threads and Costa Rican soccer it is, girls!