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Vanderbilt Is Taking Its Time Deciding On Kevin Stallings' Fate

As of right now, Kevin Stallings is still Vanderbilt's basketball coach. At least we think. There's been no word about anything from the university.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt's basketball season ended a week ago.  Kevin Stallings is still the basketball coach... we think.

This is why being a Vanderbilt fan is frustrating sometimes.  A full week has passed, and the only official word about our basketball coach is that he worked as a guest analyst for TBS during the NCAA Tournament this weekend.  There hasn't been any official statement that he will be retained, or that he will not be retained; meanwhile, potential replacements like Steve Pikiell (Rutgers) and Brad Underwood (Oklahoma State) are no longer on the market.  And now the Pitt job is open, and the Cincinnati job may open soon.

Look -- I get that this isn't an easy decision from Vanderbilt's perspective, but what could possibly explain a full week with no word from the administration?  Vanderbilt's apparently leak-proof athletic administration means that there's been almost nothing even reaching the rumor phase.

So what is it going to be?  I personally do not buy the arguments for retaining Stallings after this season, but perhaps from David Williams' perspective those arguments are more persuasive.  But I just can't understand how this decision could be taking an entire week.