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Anchor Drop

Your morning cup of coffee and all the highlights of Vanderbilt sports, and everything else we feel like writing about.

Anchor Drop: The first College Basketball Saturday of the year

And we don’t have to watch Vanderbilt!

Anchor Drop: Randon Fontenette commits

Vanderbilt lands a transfer from TCU.

Anchor Drop: Women’s basketball at Butler

Also, uh, the men lost. Again.

Anchor Drop: The NCAA is considering doing something smart?

For once, college sports’ governing body is getting out in front of something.

Anchor Drop: De’Rickey Wright to the portal

Maybe we’re done? For now?

Anchor Drop: Women host Louisiana Tech

The men’s team, well, they weren’t too impressive yesterday.

Anchor Drop: How can this week get worse?

The basketball team hosts Alabama A&M today.

Anchor Drop: No news is good news?

I guess if we don’t have anything new, that’s probably good?

Anchor Drop: Both basketball teams lose

Still feel positive about the women’s team. The men’s team — not so much.

Anchor Drop: The ACC/SEC Challenge

Both Vanderbilt teams play ACC teams tonight.

Anchor Drop: There’s no spinning this

Who will play quarterback next year?

Anchor Drop: Moving on

Four Vanderbilt football players entered the transfer portal on Sunday.

Anchor Drop: Women’s basketball 7-0

Hey, at least somebody is winning!

Anchor Drop: It’s almost over

Oh yeah, and the men’s basketball team lost again.

Anchor Drop: Everybody’s in Vegas

The Vanderbilt women’s team will now start its two-game tournament in Vegas.

Anchor Drop: Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, and there’s a basketball game tonight.

Anchor Drop: How is there still a quarterback controversy?

Clark Lea still won’t commit to a starter. Uh oh.

Anchor Drop: The quarterback battle... continues

Seriously? It’s the last week of the regular season.

Anchor Drop: Women host Alabama State

It’s an afternoon game!

Anchor Drop: Undefeated on Day 2

Vanderbilt bowling... somehow is still in third place?

Anchor Drop: Is there such a thing as an easy win?

Vanderbilt beat Central Arkansas 75-71. Central Arkansas is bad.

Anchor Drop: Hawk Classic


Anchor Drop: Women’s basketball stays undefeated

Although they made it uncomfortably close...

Anchor Drop: UNC Greensboro Tonight

Hey, maybe we’ll look good for once?

Anchor Drop: Finishing the Ladyjack

Also: women’s basketball hosts Fairfield.

Anchor Drop: Fourth place after Day 1

Also, is there a football game today? Was there basketball last night?

Anchor Drop: Ladyjack Classic

Hail Pinman.

Anchor Drop: UT-Martin tonight

An early start for the women’s team.

Anchor Drop: Welp

Is basketball season already effectively over?

Anchor Drop: Presbyterian tonight

Men’s basketball opens its season.

Anchor Drop: Women’s basketball season opener

Basketball’s back!

Anchor Drop: Eight straight

It’s not getting better.