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Anchor Drop

Your morning cup of coffee and all the highlights of Vanderbilt sports, and everything else we feel like writing about.

Anchor Drop: Flipmas Season

Vanderbilt flipped two commitments on Tuesday.

Anchor Drop: The transfer portal taketh

But it’s not as bad as it could be.

Anchor Drop: Women lose to UT-Martin

Ah, well. Nevertheless.

Anchor Drop: Women host UT-Martin

The men’s team... survived against Wofford.

Anchor Drop: Wofford Today

Vanderbilt hosts the Wofford Terriers today.

Anchor Drop: Bresnahan out

Vanderbilt’s starting tight end elects not to use the COVID year.

Anchor Drop: VCU Edition

Vanderbilt travels to Richmond tonight.

Anchor Drop: Vanderbilt hosts USC Upstate

Also: football lands a new commitment.

Anchor Drop: Basketball Beats Fresno State

Well, at least this isn’t a sub-.500 team.

Anchor Drop: Happy Thanksgiving

Basketball today, both men’s and women’s.

Anchor Drop: We got fined for... that?

Yep, a $250k fine for students orderly filing onto the field.

Anchor Drop: Women finally lose

Also, bowling finished second. Boo.

Anchor Drop: The alcohol-free World Cup begins

Also: women’s basketball hosts Saint Joseph’s and bowling looks to win.

Anchor Drop: Bowling! Soccer! Basketball!

Fridays are fun!

Anchor Drop: Austin Peay tonight

Women’s basketball looks to start 5-0.

Anchor Drop: Finally, a win

Vanderbilt picked up its first win of the season last night.

Anchor Drop: Offensive Player of the Week

Mike Wright wins an award for his performance Saturday.

Anchor Drop: Second Place

shakes fist McKendree!

Anchor Drop: A fun Friday

Yes, there is a basketball game tonight. There is also soccer and bowling.

Anchor Drop: Signing Day Recap

Women’s basketball hosts Samford tonight in its home opener.

Anchor Drop: Can this season be over?

Everybody, it seems, is injured.

Anchor Drop: Soccer gets in

Also, a rough opening night for men’s basketball.

Anchor Drop: Basketball season!

Both Vanderbilt basketball teams open the season tonight.

Anchor Drop: Baseball Schedule Released

Vanderbilt’s season opens February 17.

Anchor Drop: Bowling Season Is Here


Anchor Drop: Golf Advances

Vanderbilt will face Arizona State in the finals of the East Lake Cup.

Anchor Drop: Gordon Sargent Wins

The reigning NCAA individual champion claimed the title at East Lake.

Anchor Drop: Soccer wins on Senior Day

Also: golf opens another event.

Anchor Drop: Senior day for soccer

Also, fall baseball.

Anchor Drop: Soccer scores a bunch of goals

Vanderbilt beat Florida, 5-2.

Anchor Drop: The Stupidest Idea in College Sports

No, the NCAA Tournament doesn’t need to expand.

Anchor Drop: Stackhouse signs extension

Vanderbilt signals commitment to its basketball coach.


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