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Anchor Drop

Your morning cup of coffee and all the highlights of Vanderbilt sports, and everything else we feel like writing about.

Anchor Drop: Northeast Classic Champs

Yep, bowling is rolling.

Anchor Drop: More Bowling, More Tennis

We’re trying to say as little as possible about the basketball game.

Anchor Drop: Florida Day

Vanderbilt travels to Gainesville for a nooner.

Anchor Drop: Bowling and Tennis!

Also: RIP Meat Loaf.

Anchor Drop: Well That Sucked

Vanderbilt gets run out of the gym by Kentucky.

Anchor Drop: Kentucky Tonight

Vanderbilt gets a visit from the Big Blue.

Anchor Drop: Daniel Martin Commits

Also, women’s basketball travels to Mississippi State today.

Anchor Drop: Bowling Opens 2022

Also: men’s basketball hosts South Carolina.

Anchor Drop: Arkansas Conquered

Vanderbilt is 1-0 in SEC play.

Anchor Drop: Arkansas Tonight

Oh, great. That house of horrors.

Anchor Drop: I Got Nothing

Uh, here, just see the updated bowl pick ‘em standings.

Anchor Drop: Women’s basketball postponed, again

At least this time it’s the other team’s COVID issues?

Anchor Drop: Happy New Year from AoG

It’s 2022! Please let it not be 2020 II.

Anchor Drop: You Hate To See It


Anchor Drop: Women’s SEC opener postponed


Anchor Drop: Stop This. Now.

Vanderbilt should stop allowing the SEC’s Music City Bowl rep to practice in its facilities if this is what they’re going to do.

Anchor Drop: Seals Returning

Also, women’s basketball hosts Alabama State tonight.

Anchor Drop: Ke’Shawn Vaughn’s First NFL TD

Finally, the former Vanderbilt RB has scored in the NFL.

Anchor Drop: Diamond Head Classic Champs

Yep, put it on a banner.

Anchor Drop: Merry Christmas from AoG

Vanderbilt plays Stanford tonight in the finals of the Diamond Head Classic.

Anchor Drop: Vandy wins, advances

Basketball will play BYU tonight in its second game in Hawaii.

Anchor Drop: Basketball in Hawaii

Get ready to stay up late.

Anchor Drop: The NHL shuts things down

Oh, so we’re at that point.

Anchor Drop: Cancellations are back

COVID is screwing with sports again.

Anchor Drop: Easy Wins

Both Vanderbilt basketball teams win big on Saturday.

Anchor Drop: Kane Patterson in, Inoke Breckterfield out

Also: doubleheader at Memorial.

Anchor Drop: The Foundational Class

21 prospects signed with Vanderbilt football this week.

Anchor Drop: Two More Commits

Clark Lea is closing strong in his first recruiting class.

Anchor Drop: Finals Week

Ho-hum. I got nothing today.

Anchor Drop: Jeffrey Ugo commits

Vanderbilt football is closing strong on the recruiting trail.

Anchor Drop: The skid continues

Vanderbilt loses its third straight.

Anchor Drop: Zach Cunningham Returns

The former Vanderbilt linebacker got picked up by the Titans.