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Anchor Drop

Your morning cup of coffee and all the highlights of Vanderbilt sports, and everything else we feel like writing about.

Anchor Drop: 80 Days to Kickoff

You just knew a rant about the LIV-PGA merger was coming.

Anchor Drop: 81 Days to Kickoff

Gordon Sargent and Luke List qualify for the U.S. Open.

Anchor Drop: 82 Days to Kickoff

Well, baseball season’s over. Enjoy your potato ration.

Anchor Drop: 83 Days to Kickoff

Well, Vanderbilt is in do-or-die mode today.

Anchor Drop: 84 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt opened the Nashville Regional with a win last night.

Anchor Drop: 85 Days to Kickoff

Hey! It’s regional day!

Anchor Drop: 86 Days to Kickoff

Improvements are coming to The Hawk.

Anchor Drop: 87 Days to Kickoff

About that nine-game SEC schedule...

Anchor Drop: 88 Days to Kickoff

Xavier, Oregon, and Eastern Illinois are coming to the Hawk this weekend.

Anchor Drop: 89 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt baseball wins the SEC Tournament.

Anchor Drop: 90 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt advances to the SEC Championship.

Anchor Drop: 91 Days to Kickoff

Is the SEC’s nine-game conference schedule dead?

Anchor Drop: 92 Days to Kickoff

Men’s golf tees off at the NCAA Championship today.

Anchor Drop: 93 Days to Kickoff

R.I.P. Tina Turner.

Anchor Drop: 94 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt draws Auburn in its first game of the SEC Tournament.

Anchor Drop: 95 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt landed two transfers, one in football and one in basketball.

Anchor Drop: 96 Days to Kickoff

Women’s golf ended its season on Sunday.

Anchor Drop: 97 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt baseball takes the series from Arkansas.

Anchor Drop: 98 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt erased an 8-2 deficit to beat Arkansas last night.

Anchor Drop: 99 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt women’s golf tees off at the NCAA Championship.

Anchor Drop: 100 Days to Kickoff

Are we excited about football season?

Anchor Drop: Another series loss

Vanderbilt has lost three of its last four series.

Anchor Drop: Run ruled

Oh, look. Time for freakouts!

Anchor Drop: A weekend in Florida

Vanderbilt baseball travels to Gainesville tonight. Also, why is this starting at 4:30?

Anchor Drop: Extra Innings Win

Also: women’s golf makes a charge into the top three.


Vanderbilt baseball is at Louisville tonight.

Anchor Drop: Women’s golf tees off regional

Vanderbilt is competing in the Westfield Regional.

Anchor Drop: Let’s Talk About Deion Sanders

Why not? Everybody else is.

Anchor Drop: Shea Ralph works the portal

Also, whatever the hell that was in Tuscaloosa last night.

Anchor Drop: Golf earns #1 overall seed

Vanderbilt men’s golf is officially your national title favorite.

Anchor Drop: Vandy United Raises $300 Million

Cool. In the meantime... well, NIL is the thing.

Anchor Drop: Women’s tennis to Columbus... again

Hey, is there another regional we could get sent to?