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Vanderbilt flops in second half of 77-69 loss at LSU

We have 16 more games of this nonsense.

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a surprisingly close game against Alabama on Saturday, Vanderbilt went to LSU on Tuesday night with something to build on and left with their ninth loss in eleven games.

LSU got out to a 21-12 lead about midway through the first half, and then let the Commodores back in the game by scoring nine points in the final 9:17 of the half. Vanderbilt wasn’t playing particularly well during this stretch, but they pulled to within 30-28 at the half thanks to being slightly less ugly.

And then the second half started. LSU built its lead to 39-32 with 17:09 left and then Jerry Stackhouse decided this was a good time to pick up a technical foul. That didn’t do much to halt LSU’s momentum, though, as it took under three minutes for a 39-32 lead to turn into a 49-34 lead.

Much like the game on Saturday, Vanderbilt aesthetically made things closer over the last fourteen minutes while never truly feeling like it was a threat to win the game. The final score was 77-69 — with Vanderbilt never getting the game within six points. The Commodores drop to 5-10, 0-2 in the SEC and now get a fun stretch of five games in which their highest win probability is 17%, so this is a truly fun season that will probably never end.