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WBB Game 16: Florida Gators at Vanderbilt Commodores

1-0 LET’S GO!

Florida mascot at a basketball game
Rumor has it Mr. Commodore has the hots for Alberta...
Alligator Army

Old Florida Logo
9-4 (0-1)
Coaches: NR
NET: 43

January 7, 2024

1:00PM CT at Memorial Gymnasium

SECN+ | Live Radio Call

14-1 (1-0)
Coaches: ORV
NET: 53

OOOOOOOO WEEEEE!!!! I love winning, especially against a Mississippi State team that ESPN had given us only a 25% chance to beat at the beginning of the game. Our defense held steady the entire game, and although we seemed a lot less mobile once Jordyn Cambridge fouled out, we didn’t panic, held steady, and continued to play our game. There were a lot of “best” and “best-since” things that the main page noted about this game, including a season-best 29 points from Iyana Moore. My favorite stat may be that every player who played, scored, and that this was the second game in a row that that happened. We aren’t relying on any one player out there. After losing Jordyn, even with Iyana scoring like crazy, we still spread responsibility around on the team and everyone had their moments on the floor. The game was occasionally slow, but it was always fun to watch (especially when Mississippi State was making HORRIBLE decisions at the end).

Tonight we are up against Florida in Washington State women’s.... wait a second, I don’t know if y’all will still be able to see this when this post goes live, so I made sure to clip it here for posterity:

Vanderbilt Athletics somehow got us confused with Washington State in an article about the women’s team
Vanderbilt Athletics

Either this was a bad mistake or some really serious realignment news is about to drop. I for one would welcome our Cougar brethren into the fold, but I’ve been told that as “That Nerd School” we don’t get a vote. (Note: While I was typing this, I refreshed to find that the error was caught and rectified. Guess there’s no realignment news coming after all.) As for the Florida game, we are up against a team that is about level to Mississippi State in terms of competition, that is coming off a 23-point loss to South Carolina. Just looking at stat sheets can be difficult at this time of year since you are trying to compare results from very different non-conference schedules, although Florida’s schedule up to now would certainly seem more difficult than ours so far. This Florida team really does just seem like a slightly less efficient Mississippi State team, though, and I think we’ll see messier play from the Gators than the Bulldogs, too. Altogether, I’d say we should have a good chance at winning this one. I think it will come down to who has a better night shooting, and if those $1 tickets actually do get some fans and some energy into Memorial.