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Anchor Drop, January 31, 2024: Tennessee under NCAA investigation. Again.

Guys, Groundhog Day is Friday.

Who created the McDonalds Happy Meal? 40 years later, the answer is complicated. Hank DeGeorge/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Guys, Groundhog Day is Friday, not today.

Tennessee? Cheating?!

(monocle drops into glass of champagne)

But, really, even worse than the fact that Tennessee is cheating (again), Tennessee’s Chancellor is offended that the NCAA is even investigating.

This roughly translates to “there aren’t any rules any more, so who gives a fuck.” Which, she’s probably right, and a different crew of journalists (the same ones who are actively rooting for the “Super League” to come about and banish the Vanderbilts to Conference USA, or something) have penned their “does the NCAA really want this fight, which might end the NCAA” pieces that they’ve had in drafts waiting for the NCAA to attempt to do literally anything to stop this sort of nonsense:

Yeah, you can’t do that. Of course, Spyre Sports Collective, which is otherwise completely in the tank for the University of Tennessee, responded with what basically amounts to “haha technically our contract with Nico said we were gonna pay him regardless of whether he went to Tennessee or not”:

In other words, Tennessee is daring the NCAA to enforce the rules, because as we’ve observed for literally decades, this is always how Tennessee behaves. (Except when they’re ratting on Alabama, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Tennessee is also hoping that the NCAA will take account of their cooperation in the last investigation, which started because Tennessee self-reported a bunch of major violations to get out of Jeremy Pruitt’s contract. This is the world we live in: the NCAA can only enforce the rules against a school when it’s convenient for the school. Otherwise, well, lawyer up.

In other news, Vanderbilt men’s basketball plays at Auburn tonight at 8:00 PM CT on ESPN2. I don’t know, let’s have fun in the comments section because we’re probably not gonna have fun watching the game.

Bad Gambling Advice

Last night: 2-0 ATS, 2-0 totals; Season to date: 117-89-5 ATS, 112-93-4 totals

  • Alabama at Georgia (5:30 PM CT, SEC Network): Georgia +6, Over 165
  • Florida at Kentucky (7:00 PM CT, ESPN): Florida +6, Over 171.5
  • Arkansas at Missouri (7:30 PM CT, SEC Network): Missouri -5.5, Under 144
  • Vanderbilt at Auburn (8:00 PM CT, ESPN2): Auburn -17.5, Under 143

Sports on TV

All times Central. College basketball schedule here.

  • 10:00 AM: Asian Cup: Iran v. Syria (Paramount+)
  • 6:30 PM: NHL: Kings at Predators (TNT)
  • 7:30 PM: NBA: Suns at Nets (ABC)
  • 9:00 PM: NBA: Bucks at Trail Blazers (ESPN)


SEC Men’s Basketball: South Carolina 63, Tennessee 59 ... Ole Miss 86, Mississippi State 82.

NBA: Hawks 138, Lakers 122 ... Celtics 129, Pacers 124 ... Knicks 118, Jazz 103 ... Raptors 118, Bulls 107 ... Warriors 119, 76ers 107.

NHL: Blue Jackets 1, Blues 0 ... Sharks 2, Kraken 0.

Asian Cup: Uzbekistan 2-1 Thailand ... Saudi Arabia 1-2 South Korea.

Africa Cup of Nations: Mali 2-1 Burkina Faso ... Morocco 0-2 South Africa.