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Vanderbilt continues importation of New Mexico State’s entire football team

I mean... sure, they won ten games and beat Auburn last season.

NCAA Football: Conference USA Football Championship-New Mexico State at Liberty Brian Bishop-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, look, at a certain point you have to respect the idea of seeing a team win ten games, beat Auburn by three touchdowns, and just saying “okay, yeah, let’s just import that entire team and coaching staff.”

For those keeping score at home, Vanderbilt has now brought in New Mexico State’s starting quarterback, its backup quarterback, its offensive coordinator, its safeties coach, and its former head coach as a consultant.

Look, if they just really, really want to stick it to Hugh Freeze (who lost to New Mexico State in each of the past two seasons, by a combined score of 80-24), this is how you do it.

Who knows if there’s going to be a quarterback competition in the fall. Either way, this should be fun, which is more than you can say about the Vanderbilt basketball team (currently losing badly to Auburn.)