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WBB Game 18: Missouri Tigers at Vanderbilt Commodores

Oh so close to Monday

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Missouri mascot with arms outstretched in front of the crowd at a Mizzou basketball game.
What a dopey-looking dude
USA Today

9-7 (0-3)
Coaches: NR
NET: 71

January 14, 2024

12:00PM CT at Memorial Gymnasium

SEC Network | Live Radio Call

16-1 (3-0)
Coaches: 24
NET: 45

After a slow start against Kentucky, we really buried them by the end of the game thanks to 37 POINTS from Iyana Moore. Around the AP Top 25, UNC (20) lost to FSU (21), Baylor (4) lost to Kansas (UR) AND THEN lost again to Iowa State (UR), West Virginia (24) lost to Iowa State (UR), Utah (19) lost to Stanford (8), Texas (10) lost to Kansas State (12), and Indiana (14) lost to Iowa (3). That first Baylor game was especially crazy: .500 Kansas took down undefeated Baylor by 21 points. That is a big upset you don’t expect to see too often in the women’s game, followed up immediately by another, much closer, upset. All of this action has helped us shift up to a seven-seed on ESPN’s bracketology which highlighted us as an obstacle to the rising Tennessee in Friday’s update. Expect a Top 25 update to start these threads going forward, as long as we’re ranked or on the bubble.

Turning towards today’s game against Missouri, it should look more like the Kentucky game than the Florida or Mississippi State games. Their last three games have all been losses by 15+ points and we have the pleasure of welcoming them into Memorial after an especially bad beatdown by South Carolina. After the start to SEC play that they’ve had, I would not be surprised if they were all out of fight to give. This team’s best, and really only notably good win all year, was in their first game against Belmont. Interestingly, the stats alone don’t make them look like a bad team (aside from their high turnover and foul numbers), but I am not too scared of a team that only beat a 4-9 Tennessee Tech by just 1 point in the final seconds of the game. Anything can happen, but I am pretty confident in the Commodores to keep moving the ball, hustling on defense, and playing as a team.