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Florida game scheduled for 3 PM kickoff

Of course.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With the way this season has gone thus far, it sure seems like “3 PM CT on the SEC Network” is going to be a regular thing. Vanderbilt plays Missouri at that time and on that network this Saturday, and today the SEC announced that the team’s October 7 game at Florida will also be at that time:

If you’ll remember, the 3 PM SEC Network game is where they stick the conference’s least compelling game — because it’s up against the CBS game. That game for October 7 is Alabama at Texas A&M — a sign of how light the overall schedule is that week. LSU visits Missouri at 11 AM CT on ESPN, Kentucky is at Georgia at 6 PM CT on ESPN, and the late SEC Network game is Arkansas at Ole Miss. Oh, yeah, and Mississippi State has a nonconference buy game against Western Michigan at 11. Auburn, South Carolina, and Tennessee all have a bye week.