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Game 5: Kentucky Wildcats at Vanderbilt Commodores — Open Game Thread

Please win.

Alabama A&M v Vanderbilt Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/Getty Images

33 (AP)
30 (Coaches)
24 (SP+)

September 26, 2023
11:00 AM CT
SEC Network
Radio: 102.5 The Game(Affiliates)

NR (Coaches)
77 (SP+)

Well, it’s time for Vanderbilt’s SEC opener, and... let’s just say a lot of you are already checked out on the season. As for the rest of us...

Kentucky has former Vanderbilt running back Ray Davis in its backfield, something that will doubtless be brought up multiple times on the broadcast (in between observations about the construction at FirstBank Stadium and snide comments about the number of people in attendance wearing blue) and I am not even going to attempt to empathize with Davis’s reasons for transferring and neither should you. (For the record: whatever his reasons for leaving Vanderbilt, there is no reason he had to go to a division rival.)

Anyway, today we’ll probably get closer to finding out whether last weekend’s result against UNLV was a dumb fluke or just what Vanderbilt football is in 2023. I’m actually betting on the former, but if you want to argue it’s the latter I am not going to stop you.