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Let’s Watch Monday Night Football To Distract Us All From Our Bottomless Pit of Vanderbilt Feetball Rage

Are you ready for some distractions? A Monday Night party...

Hank Williams Jr Promotional Photo For ‘Monday Night Football’ Photo by Lorenzo Bevilaqua /Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Well, that UNLV game sure did break us, didn’t it? I’ve never seen Tom miss two consecutive Anchor Drops. Perhaps he needs more fiber in his diet.

Regardless, I just formatted the Mail Bag and answered all the questions. Once Tom, DoreOnThePlains, and our Former Mr. C weigh in, I’ll publish that. Likely Wednesday.

For now, there are two Monday Night Feetball games on. Why not talk about them thar NFL games and distract ourselves from our Hieronymus Bosch painting of Vanderbilt Football Terror that is the 2023 season thus far?

Up right now on ESPN: The New Orleans Taints vs. The North Cackalacky Sex Panthers.

Then, at 7:15pm CT on ABC: The Cleveland Worst Uniforms in Sports vs. The Pittsburgh Steel Workers Union.

I mean, it’s that, or we start watching The VelociPastor again.