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Alex Clemmey chosen by the Cleveland at pick 58 of the 2nd Round

This is a bit of a kick in the nuts.

Syndication: The Providence Journal Eric Rueb/The Providence Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

...and now our 2nd best pitching commit has been chosen.

He gone. You can now forget about him ever suiting up at The Hawk.

Pasted below was what I wrote on him earlier in the week:

LHP Alex Clemmey Prospect Ranking: #50

Scouting grades: Fastball: 65 | Curveball: 60 | Changeup: 45 | Control: 40 | Overall: 50

The last time a Rhode Island high-schooler was taken in the top five rounds of the Draft was back in 2008, when the Red Sox gave outfielder Ryan Westmoreland $2 million to sign. It’s been since 2004 that a prep pitcher from the state went that early (Jay Rainville was a supplemental first-rounder), though the Reds did go over slot to take Ben Brutti in Round 11 last year. As things warmed up in Little Rhody, scouts streamed in to see Clemmey, a big lefty with plenty of arm strength that gives him the chance to go early in this year’s Draft.

There is no doubt about Clemmey’s electric stuff, all coming from a 6-foot-6 frame. The southpaw has been up to 98-99 mph with a fastball that features elite-level spin rates and ride up in the zone. He has a swing-and-miss slurvy breaking ball with sweepy late tilt that has curve tendencies in the 79-82 mph zone and feels more like a slider when it’s a bit harder. That leaves some scouts thinking he could have two distinct breaking pitches in the future. His upper-80s changeup serves almost like a baby sinker with enough differential from his heater to be effective.

While his stuff is comparable to almost any high-schooler in the class, inconsistencies in his delivery have led to command and control issues that have dampened excitement a little bit. It will be interesting to see whether his size, upside and first-round-caliber pure stuff will entice a team to take him early enough to sign him away from his commitment to Vanderbilt.

ESPN+ Prospect Ranking: #54

Clemmey has possibly the most electric stuff in the draft: up to 99 mph and a plus hook as a 6-foot-6, arms-and-legs lefty. He hasn’t quite corralled those limbs yet to throw regular strikes, but he’s also a northeast arm who is young for the class, so teams can imagine almost anything.

Range: Either the first 2 rounds, or a post round 11 flier (which would mean he’s likely ours). Current Mock Draft: N/A.

ESPN Current Mock Draft: N/A.

Chance He Signs With The Team Who Drafts Him: 80%. If he’s taken early, he’s gone. If he drops past round 11, it means no team has met his 1st round slot signing bonus demands, and he’ll be wearing gangster pajamas in the fall.