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MLB Draft Day Two Watch Thread

Who will finally pick Hunter Owen? Where will Nick Maldonado and Patrick Reilly go? Will any other current players be drafted? Will MLB teams finally stop taking our commits?

MLB: MLB Draft Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Day Two - Rounds 3-10 @ 1pm CT on

Quick recap of day one:

Current Players

Enrique “Shockwave” Bradfield, Jr. was taken 17th overall by the Baltimore Orioles. He was the only current draft eligible player taken in the top 70 picks, though we expect Hunter Owen to go early today.

Here are the current players who could get drafted today.


All four of the commits I had outlined as likely to be drafted and signed in the first two rounds were drafted in the first two rounds, and are expected to sign. Max Clark, George Lombard, Jr., Thomas White, and Alex Clemmey, we hardly knew ye.

This class can still be a strong one, but we really need no more of our commits to be drafted and signed today. Historically, you mostly need to pay attention to Round 3 (today) and Round 11 (tomorrow), as teams will cut deals with the top undrafted prospects the night before, and use up most of their draft bonus pool by the 3rd round. Many of the round 4-10 draftees will be seniors, or juniors who are willing to sign for slot or under-slot value. Round 11 signees are when a team has configured its bonus pool such that they still have between $500k and $1 million to offer a top high school kid without going into the penalty. In short, anything over $150K after round 10 counts towards your bonus pool, so if a team has banked enough $5-10K senior signings to have like $350-850K left in their draft bonus pool, they can go after one more intriguing high school prospect.

Hope to hear none of these guys get their names called in those rounds, as last year’s 3rd round poaching of RHP Karson Milbrandt by the Fish and 11th round pick of Ryan Clifford by the Trash Can Bangers really screwed us over last year.

*Note: I am obviously not going to watch all of this live, but will check in on the Diamond Dore relevant names from time to time today.