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SEC adds Texas, immediately sends them to play at Vanderbilt

Good news! Texas won’t be able to make us move the game to Nissan Stadium!

2019 SXSW Conference And Festival - Day 4
I searched for “Texas fedora.”
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As it turns out, the SEC decided to do its scheduling in the stupidest way possible.

The Sooners will have to wait. The SEC announced on Wednesday night that Texas will have to play at Vanderbilt in 2024, and unlike their previous trips to Houston to play Rice, they won’t be able to demand that Vanderbilt move the game to a cold, soulless NFL stadium. That’s because this is for some reason a conference game, as we move into the brave new world of the SEC now having a team that has a losing record against Vanderbilt.

That’s one of four games that Vanderbilt will host on its 2024 SEC schedule. The others: Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee. So, uh, that’s fun. Tennessee and Texas can fight it out over which of them is the real UT.

As for the road games: Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, and Missouri. That last one is probably what the SEC considers our new secondary rival. And, for the first time in a long time, Vanderbilt won’t play Florida or Ole Miss.

This is the new college football: you don’t play longtime rivals in order to accommodate a couple of Big 12 schools. Bangup job, Greg Sankey.