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Hooverville Day Four: vs. The Ramajama Gumps

Two teams enter; one teams leaves!

LOSANGELES.FI1219: Isaac and Olivia Yang sit next to wax figure of Forrest Gump as their parents ta Photo by Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

So it’s come to this. If you want to know more about the Gumps, click this preview from three weeks ago.

‘23 Record: 40-18 (16-14 SEC).

In the past three weeks, the Ramajama Gumps have gone 7-2 in conference (taking 2 of 3 from Vandy and aTm, and sweeping Ole Piss) to make them a lock for the NCAA Tourney and a possible #1 seed. Guess firing the coach who bet against his own team worked out for them.

Player to Watch: #20 25 year-old RS Sr. OF Tommy “Grandpa” Seidl (.364/.470/.568 with 9 2B, 0 3B, 9 HR, and 42 RBI). If you’ve watched any Gump game this tourney, you already know Grandpa Seidl’s been their offensive hero. Also, watch out for #21 RS Jr. OF Andrew “Two in the” Pinkney (.349/.449/.651 with 11 2B, 2 3B, 16 HR, and 54 RBI).

Anchor of Gold Tiger Beat Hottest Pitcher: #34 Grad RHP Jacob “Scoot” McNairy (5-1; 4.34 ERA; 8.3 K/9).

On the Mound

Friday @ 6:30pm CT on SEC Network

#95 Vanderbilt So. LHP Devin “The Future” Futrell (6-3; 3.54 ERA)

vs. #34 Arky Grad RHP Jacob “Scoot” McNairy (5-1; 4.34 ERA)

The Lineup

Finally, Lil Maldo and Espy are back in the lineup. Let’s do this.

See you in the comments.