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Hooverville Day Four Watch Thread

Elimination game Friday!

Ex-farmer resting by a house in Circleville,1938 Photo by: Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Well, none of these teams wants to be in this position, but we’re in the Hooverville Thunderdome today: 4 teams enter; 2 teams leave.

aTm led off yesterday with a 5-0 easy victory over the Penises, then Ramajama did some Gump on Barn crime to the tune of 7-4. Both the Penises and War Tigers were eliminated.

In the night games, Arky battled past LSU 5-4 on Pawwwwl Skenes Skenes Skenes Skenes Skenes Skenes Day, and then the The Riot Bell continued his war crimes against every other SEC team in Hoover, with Vanderbilt falling victim to his Jorts-clad late game Grand Salami tactics and losing 6-3.

...and that brings us to today. Both LSU and The Diamond Dores have likely already locked in their National Seed bids, and both aTm and Ramajama have done enough to get a NCAA Tourney bid. Just saying.

Today’s Schedule

3:00 PM: LSU vs. Texas A&M (SEC Network)

6:30 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Alabama (SEC Network)

I’ll put up a specific game thread for our late game vs. The Jorts, but use this to talk about the Gumbo Bengals vs. ass To mouth.