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Hooverville Day One Watch Thread

The best thing about The SEC Tournament Day One in Hooverville is not having to play on Day One in Hooverville.

Hooverville on the Seattle waterfront in March 1933 Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

With Vanderbilt improbably beating Arky two games to one in our final SEC series, we are the #4 seed in Hooverville. This means, more than anything else, we don’t have to play on Tuesday in the SEC Tournament.

Today’s Schedule

*Note; Only the 1st one is likely to start at that time, so keep tabs on the SEC Baseball site and whatnot if you care about this type of thing.

9:30 AM: Georgia vs. South Carolina (SEC Network)

1:00 PM: Texas A&M vs. Tennessee (SEC Network)

4:30 PM: Alabama vs. Kentucky (SEC Network)

8:00 PM: Missouri vs. Auburn (SEC Network)

We’re scheduled to play the late game tomorrow night (scheduled for 8pm on SEC Network, but, you know, if there’s rain or extras before, it could start way later than that).

I’ll likely see you in the comments at times here, but, you know, grading papers, giving finals, and whatnot.