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Vanderbilt Baseball Mail Bag #6: Call For Submissions

Post questions in the comments.

Hanni Hase delivers last letters at Easter post office in Ostereistedt
Background: 06 April 2023, Lower Saxony, Ostereistedt: At the end of the “Letters to the Easter Bunny” campaign, a man dressed as Hanni Hase symbolically delivers the last letters of the year to the Easter post office in Ostereistedt during a photo session. Every year, volunteers in the village’s community center answer letters that children from all over Germany and abroad have sent to the Easter Bunny. Photo: Focke Strangmann/dpa
Photo by Focke Strangmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

Well, the winning streak stopped at 13 games, and the SEC winning streak stopped at 10, but we still won a conference road series, have extended our conference series winning streak to 4, and have the top record in the SEC.

In other words, you know you’re having a great season when one road one run loss puts you in an emotional funk.

Up next is a Tuesday matchup against North Alabama and a three game home set versus the surging South Cackalacky Game Penises.

Anyway, I assume you have questions.

Here are the rules of the mail bag:

  1. This is a BASEBALL mailbag, so limit your questions to Vanderbilt baseball, SEC baseball, college baseball, or Vanderbilt baseball alums in the pros like Tony Kemp.
  2. Post your questions here in the comments and I’ll answer them in a post this week.
  3. I will collate the best of said emails/questions in the comments, and cull ones that deal with the same topic (so we don’t have to repeat ourselves multiple times weekly).
  4. All Anchor of Gold community guidelines apply to the questions. Our basic rule is “don’t be the worst.” Chuggers fans violate this like it’s their birth right.
  5. Mike Papi, Luke Smith, and Tony “The Calf” Vitello are human garbage.

...and that’s it.

*Note: Questions about other SEC baseball teams are welcome, too. I just won’t know as much about them, and will likely respond with juvenile, biased trash talk.