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Bowling for Trophies: National Championship Game Thread

It all comes down to this...

I’m not making that mistake again!

After dropping to the loser’s bracket, Vanderbilt has fought its way back into the winner-take-all championship match against Southland Bowling League rival Arkansas State. With the trophy on the line, can we get revenge for our loss earlier this weekend? Make sure to keep up with updates from @Jay_Feat and @VandyBowling on Twitter and watch along on ESPNU at 8PM CT, because if you don’t, Pinman will be disappointed. We wouldn’t want that now would we?

As a reminder, the format is Baker best-of-seven. It’s kinda like golf match play. They will play a Baker game where every bowler is responsible for two frames. Highest score at the end of each game gets one point. First to four points wins. There is no ‘if-necessary’ game. We just need to win four games to win the title and hang the banner.