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Saturday Game Thread: vs. The South Cackalacky Game Penises

We got housed in game one. Puke and rally. Game two starts at 2pm on SECN+.


No one should be shocked when this version of The Game Penises go happy go jacky on long balls in at least one game of a series, especially when your best arms are not on the mound. They hit 5 in game one. Tough to beat a team when they’re hitting that many over the wall.

What you should be shocked about was how poorly our defense played. You know you’re in for a long day when defensive stalwart Jonathan Vastine boofs a grounder, which leads to a 2 run HR that never should have happened. I’m chalking it up to a one off—the exception that proves the rule of our otherwise excellent defensive efforts. Still, it was gross.

14-6 gross.

That makes this game the most important one of the season thus far. To keep our spot at the top of the East, we’ve got to bounce back. To keep our series winning streak alive, we’ve got to get angry. To keep our National Seed spot, we’ve got to get mean.

...and we’ve probably got to have Corbs give Holton the ball (please and thank you) to do it.

Puke. Rally. Get back on the winning side.

On the Mound

Saturday @ 2:00pm CT on SECN+

Vanderbilt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, as Hunter “Mr. Manager” is shelved this week with fatigue, similar to what happened with Carter Holton last week. Speaking of, this spot would go to Carter Holton if he’s back to full strength. Pray to see Holton’s name on the lineup card.

*Update: Prayers Answered.

#20 Vanderbilt LHP Carter “Rev. Holton Heat” Holton (4-0; 2.58 ERA)

vs. #23 Game Penis Jr. RHP Jack “Police Academy” Mahoney (3-0; 3.12 ERA)

The Lineup

See you in the comments.