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Bowling for Trophies: National Championship Weekend

We made it!

It all led up to this... again.

It’s that time of year again! Women's bowling is back at the national championship held this year in Las Vegas! The only teams left standing between us and that oh so very sweet, sweet trophy are McKendree, Nebraska, and Arkansas State. The top four teams by RPI and by poll. We got here through relatively breezing through the Lansing Regional and with a bevy of hardware already added to the cabinet. Mabel Cummins was named National Player of the Year, Coach Williamson was named National Coach of the Year, and four different team members were named All-Americans!

All matches will be streamed on starting at 11AM Central Time when we face off against Arkansas State in the first round of the double elimination tournament. I will try and provide updates as I can, but as always, @VandyBowling is the best source. Anchor Pinman! Hail Down!