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Saturday Game Thread: vs. Ugga

The Diamond Dores took Game One 9-2 and are now the only 7-0 team in the SEC. Game Two is today at 2pm on SECN+.

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Ohio State at Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In Game One, Rev. Holton Heat gave up a second inning two run shot to Ugga 2nd Baseman Will “Larry” David. Ugga would hold said 2-0 lead for exactly two more outs, as Stone Cold RJ Austin would follow a leadoff single by The Bulge with a 2 run plastic fork destroyer of his own. Following that, we would score many more. Ugga would, well, not.

Game One: 9-2 win.

Wake up; have some cereal; do it again.

...and, as a reminder, in the year of our Lord 2023, Parker Noland Can’t Lose.

On the Mound

Saturday @ 2:00pm CT on SECN+

#33 Vanderbilt Jr. LHP Hunter “Mr. Manager” Owen (3-0; 2.78 ERA)

vs. #14 Ugga Jr. JHP Liam “British John L.” Sullivan (3-1; 2.57 ERA)

The Lineup

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