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Wednesday Game Thread: vs. The Bob Evansville Fightin’ Breakfast Sausages

4:30pm CT on SECN+.

NCAA BASEBALL: APR 05 Evansville at Western Kentucky
“Damned superglue.”
Photo by Steve Roberts/ Icon Sportswire

Well, we kicked the crap out of Tenessee Tech (12-1), which was nice. However, we used both Devin Futrell and Bryce Cunningham in relief, which was confusing.

Oh, and Ol’ Corbs is giving the B.S. Bill Belichick treatment to the beat reporter at The Tennesseean now, which is to be expected, but still shitty.

Case in point:


Boo-urns. Just tell her the truth, Corbs. Worse yet, in the age of “access journalism,” no beat reporter will do the proper muckraking to go behind the coach’s back and get to the real story (lest they get iced out). Sure, this is a minor sports thing, but please tell me you understand why, overall, this is dangerous for our society.

Anywho... seeing as we will never know why Futrell was benched Sunday only to be used in relief on Tuesday, we’re free to speculate wildly. Feel free to vote in the poll:

One last thing... what else can Prancetown Transfer Jack Anderson do to prove to Corbs and Brownie that he should be given the ball more often?!?!

Wednesday March 7th vs. The Bob Evansville Fightin’ Breakfast Sausages

‘23 Record: 7-5 (0-0 MVC).

Do you really want me to spend a lot of time telling you how it’s gone for a 7-5 Missourah (spits) Valley team? Okay... I’ll give you the basics. They were swept by The Lemon of Troy, lost a midweek to Kentucky, but are coming off a 4 game sweep of Bowling Green for Soup. That tell you anything useful?

Player to Watch: #11 Sr. 1B Chase “The Bear” Hug (.463/.607/.732 with 3 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, and 12 RBI). Obligatory:

Anchor of Gold Tiger Beat Hottest Pitcher: #29 Grad RHP Jarrett “The Object” Blunt (1-0, 2.40 ERA). There’s really no one special on this Evansville staff, so one can only conclude they call themselves The Aces ironically.

On the Mound

Wednesday @ 4:30pm CT on SECN+

#38 Vanderbilt Fr. RHP David “O’ Plenty” Horn (1-0; 0.00 ERA)

#80 Vanderbilt Fr. RHP Andrew “The Duke” Dutkanych IV (1-0; 3.00 ERA)

vs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, though last Tuesday, Evansville went with #15 Evansville Fr. RHP Max “Handsy” Hansmann (2-0; 12.79 ERA). Wait... he has two wins and a north of a dozen ERA??? Make that make sense.

The Lineup

Well, well, well, Corbs pulled the ol’ switcheroo again. He had previously announced to the press that Fr. RHP David Horn would get the start today. Instead, he’s going with The Duke. It’s fine... it’s just... I think that since the league made him stop putting yesterday’s pitcher in as the DH on the lineup card to maximize the platoon advantage, he’s had an itch to scratch. Yanking us around with the likely starting pitchers is scratching that itch, I guess.

See you in the comments.