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Anchor Drop, March 7, 2023: Awards and Votes and Tigers and Bears!

That’s right, dad gave me his keys and I’m raiding the liquor cabinet!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Good morning!

Optional (But Highly Recommended) Musical Accompaniment

Tom is away right now, so I’ll be posting Anchor Drop for the time being. I just hope the quality doesn’t drop along with the anchor. Haha, get it? No? Well I guess we’re off to a poor start, but maybe I can turn it around like our men’s basketball team has done so far this year. They’ve turned it around so well that the team is actually receiving a pair of awards: Jerry “I’m Not Leaving” Stackhouse has won SEC Co-Coach of the Year and Liam Robbins has won SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

Is there an awards ceremony for this? If so, I can’t wait to see what outfit Stack has ready to go for it. I’m guessing it’s the same outfit he’ll wear in his meeting with CSL when she tells him “You’re not fired.” As for Liam, I’m glad he got the recognition even though he is out for the rest of what will hopefully be a very long postseason. It’s even more impressive that he missed five games this season and still brought home Vanderbilt’s first ever SEC Defensive Player of the Year award. On a similar, smaller-scale note, Jordan Wright won SEC Player of the Week thanks to a great performance to close out our season strong against Mississippi State. Oh and if you haven’t seen, someone voted us 23rd in the AP poll, meaning we are officially RECEIVING VOTES! Woo hoo!

Baseball was fine this weekend: we lost to Nebraska, beat No. 18 Maryland, and combined for a no-hitter against Minnesota (Athletics apparently didn’t even think that game was worthy of a full write-up). Today we’ve got Tennessee Tech in town at 4:30PM. We beat the Golden Eagles 7-0 last year, so I’m not too worried. A thread should be up later in the day.

Down in Cabo, the men’s golf team is still dominating with a 13-stroke lead ahead of a coincidentally receiving-votes Ole Miss. Leading the charge? Wells “Double-Double-U” Williams, a freshman and one of three Vandy golfers in the top four in Cabo. At this pace, anything less than a national title this summer would be a little disappointing, and with freshmen like “Double-Double-U” coming up, we could hopefully be looking at a chance at sustained dominance. Let’s focus on winning that first title for now, though.

There’s not much else to report from yesterday.

So what did ya think? Is your anchor sufficiently dropped?

Sports on TV

All times Central. College basketball schedule here.

  • 6:30PM: NBA: Philadelphia 76ers @ Minnesota Timberwolves (TNT)
  • 9:00PM: NBA: Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Lakers (TNT)
  • 10:00PM: World Baseball Classic (WBC): Cuba v. Netherlands, Taichung Pool (FS1)


SEC Baseball: LSU 11, Butler 0.

NBA: Celtics 114, Cavaliers 118 ... 76ers 147, Pacers 143 ... Trail Blazers 110, Pistons 104 ... Hawks 128, Heat 130 ... Raptors 113, Nuggets 118 ... Pelicans 108, Kings 123.

NHL: Oilers 3, Sabres 2 ... Sharks 3, Jets 3 ... Flames 5, Stars 4 ... Senators 0, Blackhawks 5 ... Capitals 2, Kings 4 ... Predators 3, Canucks 4.