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Saturday Game Thread: at Clanga

Saturday @ 2:00pm CT on SECN+.

People dance by a bonfire with their faces, arms and hands...
Live shot of Vanderbilt’s offense setting the entire state of Mississippi on fire.
Photo by Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Are We Having Fun Yet (Part Deux)?

Coming off a 27-4 series sweep over Ole Piss, the Dores traveled to the cow pastures of Starkville with salt in their pockets and directions to the field. In game one, they figured salting the fields would be too much work, so why not just burn the whole thing down?

The surging Diamond Dore offense wasted no time as Shockwave led off with an oppo liner HR, Diaz walked, and the Ogre hit a no doubter to give us a 3-0 lead. To tell you everything that happened offensively would take 10,000 words, so I’ll just say this... we won by the same score as our ‘13 team’s conference record—a 26-3 7 inning run rule massacre. Clanga were the cows and we were Anton Chigur with his livestock destroying captive bolt pistol.

Speaking of the Ogre, who has gone full Bleday-assaince of late, he went 3-3 with 2 HR, a 2B, 2 HBP, 4 R, and a staggering 8 RBI.

...but yesterday, that line was not enough to take home player of the game honors, as Parker Noland truly could not lose.

The Man Who Can’t Lose had an otherworldly afternoon, going 5-6 with 2 Grand Slams, and a Vanderbilt record-setting 11 RBI (more than doubling his previous season total of 10 RBI).

There’s the run rule, and there was this game. We quite literally hit .500 this game.

Now let’s do it again.

On the Mound

Saturday @ 2:00pm CT on SECN+

#33 Vanderbilt Jr. LHP Hunter “Mr. Manager” Owen (2-0; 2.20 ERA)

vs. #36 Clanga Sr. RHP Landon “Large Bartman” Gartman (1-1; 6.75 ERA)

The Lineup

See you in the comments.