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SEC Basketball Tournament Game Thread: Vanderbilt vs. aTm

2:30pm on ESPN.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 10 SEC Tournament - Kentucky vs Vanderbilt
“Maybe you should pick us next time!” -Stack
Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Despite the refs ignoring Oscar Tshiebwe pushing, strangling, and elbowing his way around all game, the Ball Firm of Lawrence, Manjon, and Wright combined for 61 points and powered the Hoopsy Dores to an 80-73 victory over the Wearers of Jamaal Mashburn Jerseys at Weddings.

With that win, we are 20-13 (13-7 SEC) and forcing those nerds on the NCAA Tournament selection committee to take notice.

Crazier yet, we delivered the Knockout Lunch (tm) at the free throw line, shooting an ice-water-in-their-veins 90% (18-20), led by Ezra “You the Man Now, Jon” Manjon’s 7-8.

Speaking of Manjon, in addition to breaking ankles and going all Allen Iverson on their asses...

...he also broke out his Ezra Longjons and was 2-2 from beyond the three point line. This might not seem important at first glance, but in the first half, Kentucky’s defensive strategy was to collapse down and force Manjon to shoot from deep. Once he proved he could make them pay, they shifted things up, which opened lanes for The Manjon yet again. Manjon finished with 25 pts, and Tyrin Lawrence and Jordan “JorDAMN Wright” Wright added 18 apiece.

Today, we play the Milkman Cultists. Today, we beat the Milkman Cultists.

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