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Saturday Game Thread: vs. The Loyola Marymount Lions (which is an odd choice of mascot for a Catholic school, when you think about it)

2pm CT on SECN+.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAR 04 Cambria College Classic - Maryland vs Vanderbilt

Despite the many squandered opportunities with RISP and an opponent’s Veteran Crafty Lefty Ace on the mound, the Diamond Dores rode the arms of Carter Holton and Sam Hliboki to victory 2-1.

Not many offensive highlights from that one, really, so watch this web gem from Davis Diaz:

...and some pitch clips:

On the Mound

Saturday @ 2:00pm CT on SECN+

#33 Vanderbilt Jr. LHP Hunter “Mr. Manager” Owen (0-0; 4.61 ERA)

vs. #31 LMU Sr. RHP Zach “New Gods” Kirby (0-1; 6.14 ERA)

The Lineup

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