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WBB Game 25: Arkansas Razorbacks at Vanderbilt Commodores

Revenge Match!

Maybe this time we can squeeze out just a little bit more for the win.
Vanderbilt Athletics

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18-7 (5-5)
Coaches: NR
NET: 34

February 9, 2023

8:00PM CT at Memorial Gymnasium

SEC Network | Live Radio Call

10-14 (1-9)
Coaches: NR
NET: 112

We were one buzzer-beating three away from overtime when we played Arkansas earlier this season. I remember exactly where I was when Arkansas responded to our three-pointer to tie with one of their own. Both teams have gone 1-4 since then, and I am sure replays of last time will be playing big in both teams’ minds.

Last time, I did not expect a close game at all. And the last few games we’ve played, I’ve certainly expected more than I’ve been getting from the team. My expectations today are just that we’ll play hard, which we usually do, and at the end Ciaja and/or Marnelle will have scored a lot of points. Oh and that Sacha will have a lot of rebounds, too.