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WBB Game 28: Kentucky Wildcats at Vanderbilt Commodores

Matching up for the twelfth seed!

Vanderbilt Athletics

old Kentucky logo
10-15 (2-11)
Coaches: NR
NET: 82

February 19, 2023

2:00PM CT at Memorial Gymnasium

SECN+ | Live Radio Call

11-16 (2-11)
Coaches: NR
NET: 105

For teams so low on the conference leaderboard, this game actually does have real stakes to it. Kentucky and Vanderbilt both have one easy game left on their schedule after this while Florida seems more likely than not to lose out. That means the eleventh seed and a likely matchup against bottom-of-the-conference Texas A&M is a real possibility for whichever team wins this afternoon. It’s also entirely possible that regardless of the outcome, these two teams will be playing each other on the first day of the SEC Tournament. This could be a good preview of how we match up before then, but I think we may have a bit more of an edge right now if Robyn Benton and Maddie Scherr, both starters for Kentucky, miss this game like they did their most recent one.