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Game 26: Vanderbilt Commodores at South Carolina Gamecocks — Open Game Thread

Hey! A three-game winning streak!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Virginia vs Oklahoma Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

As you all know, last week when we played Tennessee, I got lazy and didn’t make the goofy old logo scorebug that has been a feature of game threads for quite a while. And then Vanderbilt won the game, and I am nothing if not superstitious, and therefore the scorebug did not return for Saturday’s game at Florida.

And then Vanderbilt won that game too. So, it still has not returned.

Unlike those last two games, Vanderbilt is actually favored to win tonight! South Carolina is 9-16, 2-10 in the league, and this is in spite of still having likely lottery pick G.G. Jackson on the roster, which should probably tell you how good his teammates are. (Also, Jackson turned 18 in December and should be a senior in high school, for full context of Why This Guy Who Everybody Says Is A Lottery Pick is actually not that great. Dude should be picking out his tuxedo for prom, not dueling in the SEC.)

South Carolina actually won its last game (at Ole Miss, who’s also bad), and took Vanderbilt to overtime in the first meeting of these two teams. So, I am not taking anything for granted.