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Can We End This Farce Already?

The Stack era needs to end and dragging it out accomplishes nothing.

NCAA Basketball: Vegas Showdown Third Place
Prayers not answered.
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In the Ernest Hemingway short story “The End of Something,” two young lovers, Nick and Marjorie, are denizens of a dying town whose lumber mill shut down ten years prior. The both of them fish for trout, seemingly aimlessly, when they drift by the old Lumber Mill:

“There’s our old ruin, Nick,” Marjorie said.

Nick, rowing, looked at the white stone in the green trees.

“There it is,” he said.

A few pages later, Nick turns to Marjorie and says:

“It isn’t fun any more.”

He was afraid to look at Marjorie. Then he looked at her. She sat there with her back toward him. He looked at her back. “It isn’t fun any more. Not any of it.”

She didn’t say anything. He went on. “I feel as though everything was gone to hell inside of me. I don’t know, Marge. I don’t know what to say.”

The Stackhouse era, especially with our 4-5 start to the 2023-2024 season—including losses to Presbyterian to open the season and a “never even in it” dogshit effort of a 73-60 loss to San Fransisco last night—well... can you even summon the anger to be mad at our crumbling lumber mill of a basketball program any more?

I, for one, cannot. Like Nick, we’re all collectively at the “this just isn’t fun any more” stage. Even if leaving Marjorie—in this case, firing Stackhouse—might not do anything for us right now, it still needs to be done. Even if it won’t help with recruiting. Even if there’s no coach currently available that’s better. Even if we lose every game from here on out... it’s just not any fun any more.

In closing...

“Did she go all right?” Bill said.

“Yes,” Nick said, lying, his face on the blanket.

“Have a scene?”

“No, there wasn’t any scene.”

“How do you feel?”

“Oh, go away, Bill! Go away for a while.”

Bill selected a sandwich from the lunch basket and walked over to have a look at the rods.