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Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em


NCAA Football: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl-Kent State at Wyoming Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again.

Bowl season is here, and as is tradition, Vanderbilt is not playing. But since otherwise we’d have to watch the current iteration of the men’s basketball team (okay, okay, WE COULD WATCH THE WOMEN’S TEAM), we’re just going to find an excuse to post a bunch of open threads in December.

That excuse is the annual Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest, where all of you get to prove that you’re just as dumb as the writers and pick all the bowl games, which start on December 16. So go to the contest home on ESPN and submit your picks before the 16th. I’ll post an update of the standings pretty much daily. Didn’t Import win this last season?