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Today’s Portalities: Will Sheppard, Savion Riley exit stage right

Well, one of these was surprising.

Star Trek - The Adventure Exhibition, London / England, 18.12.20 Photo by Peter Bischoff/Getty Images

Today’s daily report on the post-season exodus from the Vanderbilt football program brings us a “yeah no, it was clear for weeks that he was gone at the end of the season” along with an “I don’t get it.”

First, the one you all were probably expecting after he spent the last week quote tweeting his congratulations to everybody else on the team who entered the portal.

Thanking Coach Mason (in other words, the guy who hasn’t been the Vanderbilt coach for three years) is a nice touch. (As multiple people on Twitter pointed out, he put Mississippi State’s stadium in the background of the tweet, too.)

Anyway, Vandy’s leading receiver is gone and probably entered the portal because of the coaching staff. Meanwhile, here’s the portal entry that wasn’t obvious.

So that’s probably a starting defensive back entering the transfer portal. But at least he thanked Commodore Nation for their support.