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College football is a rigged joke of a sport

Nothing matters any more. Eat at Arby’s.

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

Oh, you thought this was going to be about Vanderbilt? Well, yes, college football is a rigged joke of a sport there too, but now everybody else is finding out.

Today, the college football playoff committee saw three undefeated Power 5 conference champions, a one-loss Big 12 champion that beat Alabama, and Alabama, the one-loss SEC champion. This was a very difficult choice to get wrong, and yet the committee managed to do exactly that. How exactly do you decide that winning all of your games literally does not matter? How do you decide that of these five teams, anybody other than Alabama is the team that doesn’t get in? Why do you even exist when both the AP and the coaches’ poll have Florida State ranked ahead of Alabama?

There are reasons, of course, and those reasons are all wrong. Florida State lost its starting quarterback a couple of weeks ago and did not look the same without him. Alabama had a better strength of schedule. The shock is the number of people who actually support this, because there are a ton of people who like that it’s even more rigged than La Liga.

It’s over. The casuals won. Have fun in the Super League. I am ready for the Island of Misfit Toys for everybody who gets left out of it.