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Friday Night Open Thread

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

NCAA Football: DI Football Championship-South Dakota State vs North Dakota State Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

On the eve of bowl season, don’t forget to enter the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest if you haven’t already. (If you have created an entry, don’t forget that the first game is at 10 AM tomorrow.)

Tonight, of course, is the football we actually care about around here: an FCS semifinal and the Stagg Bowl, the Division III national championship game.

There’s also some college basketball, with the highlight for normal people being UConn-Gonzaga at 9 PM CT on ESPN2.

UAlbany at South Dakota State (6:00 PM CT, ESPN2): The first of two semifinals in the FCS playoffs pits defending national champion South Dakota State against Cinderella story UAlbany, which went 5-17 over the last two seasons. It’s also going to be in the 30s and rainy for this game. This sounds like prime Sickos football.

Cortland vs. North Central (6:00 PM CT, ESPNU): And the Division III national title game. North Central is, well, probably a heavy favorite.

Anyway, have fun everyone.