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WBB Game 8: Vanderbilt Commodores at NC State Wolfpack

Battle of the Undefeateds

NC State mascot
Let’s hope they play as dopey as their mascot looks!
Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports

7-0 (0-0)
Coaches: NR
Last Season NET: 99

November 29, 2023

6:15PM CT at Reynolds Coliseum

ACC Network | Live Radio Call

Old NC State Logo
7-0 (0-0)
AP: 5
Coaches: 10
Last Season NET: 18

NC State. Number 5. On the road. Both schools are coming in as 2 of the last 25 undefeated teams (of the over 300 schools that compete) in college basketball. No easy feat, especially when you’ve had as rough a recent history as Vanderbilt. Last year, Ciaja Harbison put up 34 points against NC State and we outscored the Wolfpack by 9 in the second half. Like many game last year, though, it didn’t matter since we had gone down by 18 in the first half. Despite the success we’ve had so far this year, we may end up with a similar game this year. NC State has already beaten UConn by 11 and Colorado by 18, two top-10 teams at the time of those games and both of whom are presumably eyeing Final Four appearances in Cleveland. This team truly is the hottest in the sport right now, and I think it’s fair to say a win against them tonight would be program-defining.