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Vanderbilt Football 2024 Scholarship Chart

This will be updated.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

As Vanderbilt football heads into the offseason, I’ve created a scholarship chart for 2024.

A few notes:

  • Players with an asterisk (*) still have a redshirt year available.
  • Things get confusing with the seniors because of the COVID bonus year, so there are three separate designations here. Players in regular font with an asterisk are seniors in their fourth year in the program who have not redshirted; these players were not playing college football in 2020 and do not have the COVID year available. Players in italics with an asterisk, such as Will Sheppard, will be playing the COVID bonus year in 2024 and technically still have a redshirt year available. Players in bold italics, such as Ken Seals, will be redshirt seniors in 2024 and could return in 2025 on the COVID bonus year. Players in italics with no asterisk, such as Christian James, will be using the COVID bonus year in 2024 and have already used a redshirt year. Players in bold (Junior Uzebu and BJ Anderson) have technically exhausted their eligibility already (having already used their COVID bonus year), but may apply for a medical hardship to return in 2024.
  • Players will be listed here until we get official word that they’re leaving — so far, that list includes Julian Hernandez (who announced Saturday that he’s not using the COVID bonus year) and Daveon Walker (who announced that he’ll be entering the transfer portal.) That means that for now, the chart includes some guys like Daevion Davis and Brayden Bapst who I’m about 99% sure are retiring for medical reasons.
  • High school players committed are listed here until/unless they decommit.
  • Players with the “Star” designation are listed as defensive linemen and players with the “Anchor” designation are listed as linebackers.
  • The list only includes scholarship players. Notable walk-ons, such as kicker Jacob Borcila, defensive lineman Nick Rinaldi, and wide receiver Richie Hoskins are not listed here.

Anyway, here’s the chart. As of today (November 26), Vanderbilt is set to have 98 players on scholarship for next season, so there’s clearly going to be some attrition:

UPDATE 11/26 evening: Four more players announced departures today. Ken Seals, Kevo Wesley, Ethan Barr, and Barrett Maddox all entered the transfer portal. The first three were seniors who are graduating and moving on, and I wouldn’t say any of them are all that surprising. Maddox, a true freshman offensive lineman who didn’t play this season, is mildly surprising though he was an undersized guy who mostly had G5 offers.

UPDATE 11/28: AJ Swann is now in the portal. I’m also going to go ahead and remove Daevion Davis, whom Aria marked as done with football in her scholarship chart.

UPDATE 11/29: Two more for the portal. Defensive lineman Nate Clifton and running back Patrick Smith are out. Have also added MTSU transfer Zaylin Wood.

UPDATE 12/1: London Humphreys, Walter Taylor, and Jayden McGowan all in the portal. Boo.

UPDATE 12/7: Justin Ball in the portal. Vanderbilt is down to 81 scholarship players.

UPDATE 12/8: BJ Anderson out, Randon Fontenette in.

Scholarship chart

Position Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Total
Position Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Total
QB Drew Dickey Jeremy St-Hilaire* 3
Whit Muschamp*
RB Dylan Betts-Pauley Sedrick Alexander* AJ Newberry 6
Chase Gillespie Deago Benson
Johann Cardenas*
WR Quincy Skinner Jr.* Ezra McAllister Junior Sherrill Tristen Brown* 6
Joseph McVay*
Markeis Barrett
TE Cole Spence Josh Palmer 5
Kamrean Johnson* Witt Edwards*
Brycen Coleman*
OL Delfin Xavier Castillo* Gunnar Hansen Leyton Nelson Anthony Miles 14
Junior Uzebu Jake Ketschek David Siegel Cooper Starks
Gage Pitchford Levi Harber Misael Sandoval
Grayson Morgan CJ Williams*
Joshua Raymond*
DL Aeneas DiCosmo Yilanan Outtara* Bradley Mann Jailen Ruth 19
Zaylin Wood Darren Agu* Linus Zunk Ted Gregoire
Christian James Miles Capers De'Marion Thomas* Evan Herrmann
Brayden Bapst BJ Diakite* Simeon Boulware*
Devin Lee* Callahan Blair*
Mason Carter*
Glenn Seabrooks*
LB CJ Taylor* Langston Patterson* Bryce Cowan Ethan Crisp 10
Jeffrey Ugochukwu* Bryan Longwell* Dante Kelly
Prince Kollie Jamison Curtis*
Errington Truesdell
DB Tyson Russell* Marlen Sewell Martel Hight* Jalen Gilbert 16
John Howse IV Trudell Berry Dontae Carter*
Alan Wright Gumbo Gaskins Tate Hamby*
Jameson Wharton Jaylin Lackey*
Steven Sannieniola Alvin Williamson Jr.*
Randon Fontenette* Guylijah Theodule*
ST Wesley Schelling Brock Taylor 2
Total 11 16 21 33 81

A few thoughts:

  • You can sort of tell where the attrition is going to come from and/or where the coaching staff might be expecting some seniors with eligibility remaining to move on, either to the transfer portal or just retirement from football. For example, no, Vanderbilt isn’t going to carry six quarterbacks on the roster next season, so I would not be surprised if two or three of the players listed depart.
  • Seven running backs isn’t going to happen, either. I would expect a departure or two there.
  • The wide receiver number looks about right, but I’m watching Will Sheppard for a potential departure — either to the transfer portal or (less likely) the NFL Draft.
  • Who knows with the offensive line: I could see any or all of the seniors leaving (as Julian Hernandez already has.) On the other hand, this is a prime spot for Vanderbilt to look for a portal acquisition.
  • The defensive line has 20 players listed, but that’s with the aforementioned Davis and Bapst included — who, again, I don’t expect back.
  • The linebacker group still looks surprisingly solid even with Kane Patterson (one of the few players who’s definitely out of eligibility) off the chart.
  • The defensive back group is young, and I won’t be surprised if it gets younger, either.
  • With Matthew Hayball gone, I’d bet on Vanderbilt trying to grab a punter in the portal.