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WBB Game 5: Alabama State Lady Hornets at Vanderbilt Commodores

I sure will miss playing Texas A&M...

Too cool to be playing school...
Vanderbilt Athletics

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0-4 (0-0)
Coaches: NR
Last Season NET: 298

November 20, 2023

1:00PM CT at Memorial Gymnasium

SEC Network+ | Live Radio Call

4-0 (0-0)
Coaches: NR
Last Season NET: 99

I’m finally back and ready to be on top of this season, which so far has us as the seventh-best team in the country if you want to trust a random site my friend sent me a few hours before I wrote this. For the moment, you know what, I will trust this site. We’re winning close games (even if they shouldn’t be that close) and having fun doing it. I mean did you see the title photo for this game thread? We are BALLING this season. Next up should be no different with Alabama State, who has so far lost by 40+ in all four games this season. Yowch. Now, I don’t think Vanderbilt is quite the likes of a ranked Oklahoma team that perfectly doubled Alabama State’s score (although the poll I linked at the beginning of this article attests otherwise), but I do think we should have no trouble fending off the Lady Hornets heading into our first “South Point Shootout” game against Iowa State a few days from now. Things are, finally, looking up for this team. They certainly deserve it, especially Bella LaChance, Sacha Washington, Iyana Moore, and who else but Jordyn Cambridge.

Now, don’t think I am skimming over that Iowa State game, that should be a pretty good team if last year is any indication, but for now, we have the Lady Hornets to worry about. Let’s take it one game at a time and see if we can put a full game together. The last three games have certainly had their scares, especially the UT-Martin game where we had to battle back from being down by 12 in the third quarter. It’s impressive that we did it, but I like the flow of the Kennesaw State game a little more, the one where we set a program record for points scored in the first half en route to a downright thrashing of the Owls. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to watch a game yet, but I’ll try and tune in to this one and see how we fare in the runup to our Thanksgiving Tournament.