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The quarterback carousel will continue until morale improves


NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night at Ole Miss, Vanderbilt head coach Clark Lea pulled quarterback Ken Seals, who started the game, for Walter Taylor, a redshirt freshman whose career snaps prior to Saturday could have probably been counted on one hand. Taylor had not attempted a pass prior to throwing 12 on Saturday, though he had logged a couple of rushing attempts.

Granted, Seals was having a rough night, but the SEC Network in the second half would occasionally pan over to show Seals stewing on the sideline while broadcasters Tom Hart and Jordan Rodgers openly questioned the move on air as Taylor completed 4-of-12 passes for 38 yards with an interception.

So yeah, it’s apparently still up in the air.

As for deposed starter AJ Swann, well, he’s now listed third on the depth chart but that elbow contusion that knocked him out of the Kentucky game and had him not dressed at all at Ole Miss sure is a bitch.

Look, the guys at The Dore Report have a weird conspiracy theory that the coaching staff is trying to cook up a medical redshirt for Swann by claiming that the elbow contusion (which knocked him out of the fifth game, so no four-game redshirt) was a season-ending injury and, honestly, I can’t really argue with this. (They also speculate that he’s going to transfer. Ah, well, nevertheless.)

The thing is, none of how the coaching staff has handled the quarterback position this season makes any goddamn sense. Is Drew Dickey any good?