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Saturday Predictions: Vanderbilt at Ole Miss

Do our writers think we’ll win? Or even keep it close?


Vanderbilt travels to Ole Miss tonight, and this ends Ole Miss being an annual opponent for Vanderbilt — because to accommodate Texas and Oklahoma, we’ve gotta get rid of permanent rivals, and that means the series with the Rebels is going to be given the same status as (checks notes) Texas A&M.

Whatever, just do the Super League already so we can stop pretending that we care about the top level of college football and decamp to a league with Tulane like God intended. Do our writers think Vandy will cover the 24.5-point spread? Let’s find out!

Tom Stephenson

The thing is, I have watched Vanderbilt play defense, and I have watched Ole Miss play offense. Ken Seals might lead the Vanderbilt offense to a few points; the defense, though, is going to give up points. Like, a lot of them.

I thought Vanderbilt did look better than they have the last time out against Georgia, but this is a low bar. That said, I think Ole Miss is going to cover the spread in a backdoor variety. Vanderbilt is going to hang around for three quarters (Ole Miss, after all, cannot really stop anybody), Lane Kiffin is going to call up a few touchdown plays in the fourth, it ends up being a four-touchdown game, some people will end up claiming a moral victory out of it anyway.

The Pick: Ole Miss 52, Vanderbilt 24

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Neither Mississippi State (+6.5) nor AUBURN can score, so give me the Bulldogs, I’m not saying the game will end with a 3-2 final score, but I’m saying the game will end with a 3-2 final score.

Andrew VU ‘04

This will not go well. We’ll cover, but their offense will run roughshod over us. Oh, and for the “Why are we starting Seals over Swann” crowd, it appears Swann is injured.

The only hope we’ll have is if The Ackbars look past us to aTm and the game is “a trap.” Do I suspect that will happen? No.

The Pick: Vanderbilt 27 - Ole Miss 51

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Give me the Mashburn Wedding Jerseys (+3.5) over the Buttchuggers. Sure, the Wedding Jerseys took an ass-kicking from Ugga and Missourah (spits), but they should have the strength advantage against Coach Bobby Hill’s squad.

Patrick Sawyer

The Dores looked surprisingly cromulent against the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. They lost by 17 but had the game to 10 with 6:14 to play in 4th quarter. Vanderbilt never looked completely outmatched, which is fine against one of, if not THE, best teams in the country.

The bye week gave a battered squad some much-needed rest, but I have concerns they may start sluggishly because of it. #12 Ole Miss has looked pretty good so far except their most recent outing where they just edged Arkansas.

My confidence in any pick for this game is low. The Lane Kiffin could tear a crippled secondary apart. Or maybe they cover and tackle like against Georgia. Ken Seals could light the Rebels up. Or Joey Lynch might handcuff him.

The Pick: Vanderbilt 24, Ole Miss 41

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: blah

Cole Sullivan

Yeah I dunno, we looked kinda competent last week and almost got the Ole Miss Landsharks (their shark mascot wasn't allowed to perform at sporting events last year because it was deemed a danger to the student performers) last year, so you know what, I'm feeling lucky. Ole Miss has squeaked by in their last few games, we're coming off a week of rest, and Ole Miss ready had its annual demoralizing whooping at the hands of Alabama. We'll probably still lose, but I don't think it's impossible we win.

The Pick: Vandy 27 - Ole Miss 34

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Mississippi State upsets Auburn because that feels like something that would happen for both teams.