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Opponent Preview: Georgia

At least next week is a bye, am I right?

Georgia Bulldogs mascot in front of football stadium full of people holding up phone flashlights.
His name is HAIRY DAWG

The Opponent: University of Georgia (Summer Preview | Roster | Florida Athletics)

When: October 14, 2023, 11:00 AM CT on CBS

Where: FirstBank Stadium - Nashville, Tennessee

Last year: 15-0 (8-0 SEC + Conference Champions)

The last time we saw these guys: 55-0, Georgia (2022)

Series record: 20-60-2, Georgia (but you knew that)

Head Coach: Kirby Smart (87-15 at Georgia)

This Georgia alum got it done at his alma mater twice and is set to keep on chugging along. He has been dominant in Athens after years of coaching other places including, most notably, as a defensive coordinator at Alabama. As you’ll see for a lot of this preview, I’m going to keep it short because the real preview is that Georgia is insanely good thanks to the work that Kirby Smart and the university have put in, and I think we all know that. (Plus, I’m writing this while working through a baseball playoff game so I’m just a little preoccupied.)

Offense: BIG

Carson Beck has thrown for the fourth-highest number of yards in college football on 73.5% completion while taking only 3 sacks. He is really good while also having a deep receiving corps including standout Brock Bowers, who is on-pace for 1,100 yards. Their rushing attack, while rarely explosive, gets them the yards they need on the ground to move the ball. Daijun Edwards leads the team in rushing yards, with 314 through 6 games. Expect them to have fun both in the air and on the ground against our “defense.”

Defense: HAIRY

Georgia’s defense has only allowed 13 points per game, best for tenth in FBS. They rank similarly in yards allowed per game, both rushing and passing. Tykee Smith leads the team with 3 interceptions, but four players have combined for a total of 8 picks. That is more than one pick per game, and I DEFINITELY expect to add to that total at least once or twice. Alongside Tykee Smith, Malaki Starks and Smael Mondon, Jr. lead the team in tackles, all with over 20 through 6 games so far. Malaki Starks has also defended 4 passes and brought down 2 picks of his own. Really, we probably just shouldn’t pass the ball. But if we run it, these guys will chase us down. Soooooo, yeah...

Special Teams: DAWGS

Seems like they may have some issues at kicker, or at least, their kicker does miss occasionally. Peyton Woodring has missed 3 of his 12 field goals this year, including 2 from within 30 yards. It’s not like they need to kick much, and he has made all of his extra points so far, so I don’t think this is really what’s going to sink the Bulldogs. Their punter, Brett Thorson, averages a pretty standard number of yards for college football. Once again, I think Georgia will survive. Their returner, Mekhi Mews, is actually pretty good in the grand scheme of returning, and we will likely be kicking a lot, so I could definitely see him picking up big yards this game. He has already housed one punt this year, but by the Power of Hayball, I hope we can keep him from doing it again.

Schedule: The Rest of Fall!

Outlook: Uggggghhhhhha

They are very good. We are very bad. They will win by a lot. The End.